Meet the Cambria team

Our services are delivered by specialist staff, many of whom are based in the areas in which our residents live. We make good use of the latest technology available to help them to providing good quality services to all our customers.

And at our head office in Cardiff, and north Wales office in Ewloe, our effective and professional management teams make sure all staff have the systems and information they need to do the best jobs they can.

The day to day running of Cambria is the responsibility of Cambria’s Management Team – the Head of Cambria and the Operational Managers.

Peter Jackson, Head of Cambria

A Civil Engineer by profession, Peter has more than 30 years’ experience in design, construction and maintenance working in both England and Wales.

After 24 years in Local Government, Peter became Head of Cambria in the early part of 2011. He previously managed a large direct labour organisation delivering a wide range of highway and grounds maintenance services.

Peter is passionate about delivering the best possible service to Wales & West Housing’s residents and has experience in a variety of client and contracting roles.

As Head of Cambria Peter is responsible for the strategic leadership, development and growth of the business in terms of both the range of services capable of being provided and while maintaining service quality within a commercial environment.